The world is full of dreams, some good and bad
The worse of them can make you feel sad
It's not a dream, it's a nightmare
Almost like true life, a guerilla warfare
It's not a dream, it's a nightmare
To see the ones you love and envision
Hurt or dead in your nightmare vision
Sliced and diced, body parts all around,
What a vision I say, really profound
Nightmares come and go they say
But what if you woke up, to your utter dismay
Everything you loved was no longer there
Buried deep underneath the rubble
Were the ones you loved, deep in trouble

This nightmare is hard, you don't want to sleep
Because this nightmare goes ever so deep
Beneath the layers of dreams & reality
Lies all of the truth and actuality
It's a nightmare, you just can't wake up
Am I alive or dead is the question you ask
As you wake up with an oxygen mask
It's not a nightmare, this is true!
You thought at least there was something you could do
Your skin is gray with a bluish hue
This is the end, the nightmare was true.

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