The nightmares they come,the nightmares they stay.
For some strange reason, they wont go away.
My body lies cold and still throughout the night, while my mind dances wildly with all the fright.
I know their not true,but they roll throughout my brain.
Around and around till I think I'm insane.
I know that their false and their all in my head.
But still I'm afraid to go back to bed.
Wont someone please help me forget these bad things?
Wont someone please help stop the torture it brings?
What cause's this madness can anyone tell?
Could it be crazy thoughts that make the head swell?
Could it be just the loneliness that makes me feel so?
What could it be that makes sanity go?
Will someone say its all in your head, don't worry about it just go back to bed?
Do I need help or will they just go away,can anyone tell, can anyone say?

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