Nightmares Notice Me

In the dark, there is a spark.
I begin to fade away;
making friends with shadows on the wall.
My skin begins to crawl,
in fear of withdrawal.
Feeling around in empty pockets,
searching for an answer.
Silently pleading for a way to just end this curse
before it only gets worse.
The pills, I'm scared to divorce.
This game, I will not forfeit.
And this pain,
I won't let surface.

The rocking horse smirks,
I hear a creepy creaking.
There's something in my head
that attracts the dead.
My self conscience lives in the closet
but she's acting kind of strange.
Why the hell is she laughing?
Metal hangers clang.

Nervously, I sneak into the hallway to escape,
but there's an unknown figure at the end that awaits.
Self-realization within the mirror that I hate.
I've tried and tried my hardest,
but the glass just will not break.

My hands,
I hold them up as if I were a mime.
I taunt myself and I haunt myself,
playing with my mind.

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