I endure these dreams of obscene things,
like brutal nightmares they're haunting me.
Kicking, screaming, begging for air;
I'm kicking, I'm screaming, I'm being tortured by fear.
By a thousand eyes of odium, I'm cast into the pits of Hell,
while a thousand I's of my past in my head still dwell.
Desperately yearning to hold on no longer,
I'm growing weak, my terrors waxing stronger.
A future full of promise is an illusion full of lies
and it's safe to say I've seen these before,
but please, I'm urging you to shield my innocent eyes,
so that the demise of he is concealed from me;
so that I can rest, & wake, & be. Yet
God awful moments of dismay & despair lead me to hunger
for a dose of his care, only to recall that those
are infrequent and
Rare, at least that's how I imagine it to be.
even in my most decent of dreams,
dream of scenes truly rampant to me.
Because I could never fall into his arms
and expect him to catch me,
I could never sail away from all my problems
with him to be set free.
And those are the nightmares I fear quite the most,
those are the demons I call the love ghosts.

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