nighttime walks

"go say hi"
"be polite"
“always exercise so you can maybe have a valentine”
and “remember to never ever go outside during the nighttime”.
the things we need to remember as women.
and if we decided to put that advice aside,
we don't suffice as women and we wouldn't be caught, alive the next day.
but women are done having to put on the
disguise of being nice or having to be silent so u can shine
or so others don't feel uncomfortable.

it's time for others to realize being a woman is hard
and sometimes even requires sacrifice.
so if this makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable,
you need to start learning about the women who have put their own
sweat and blood to protest against this,
and see why it is so important that one day we can walk outside, in the nighttime,
without having to run back inside, or
being scared of what hides in the night.
but all in good time.

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