As a child I always thought the moon looked worried as she presided over us
Then I grew up and understood why

Humans fleeing from water like mice
Panicked, scurrying
But the animals and I – we felt it in our limbs

The Atlantic was warm
A soft humming simmer

The moon caressed the tides into a rolling ballet
Gently rocking each one over my feet
A lunar lullaby

Here wrapped up in her massive heavenly body
Underneath her rock beams, her careful watch
I am protected from all the rest

She swallows me up
I meet her outstretched arms at the horizons edge
White dress, blazing universe, still mind,
empty heart, open tides, roll clouds, roll water - gleams
Sky stands still it seems

Universe splits open and shows me her infinity
Spills her guts – confesses her forgiveness
Dizzy, I lose my balance

Tumble across Gods lips
I cannot tell what is Earth and what is sky
Never been a planet quite as lost as I

They say the end is near, but its so always been
Simultaneously pulling itself apart while it spins
A starry web

Our universe ever beginning - ending at its dawn
She wrapped me in truth and I asked for her safety
She kissed my face

We danced in ivory
Suspended in her light –surrounded by water
Drinking fermented lavender

Teetering on shooting stars
Riding ultra violet rays
I remembered just how forever it all is

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