You came over yesterday

I don't know how to feel, what to say
My stomach churned as you pulled me close.
I had no space left, not even a nose.

I told you no, I don't want to, you can't do this
You said okay, but continued to kiss.
My lips hurt, my body feels wrong.
I think you've altered my life's song.

You continued your pursuit, pushing my head down
I protested and you shushed me, despite no one around.
I knew what was about to happen, I couldn't believe it.
This couldn't happen to me, right? Not by one I trusted

After you left, you took my pride with you.
Numbing pain followed you out too.
Heart-wrenching sobs and my body shakes,
I still feel your fingers on me like snakes.

How do you go on when your body has been violated?
How do you continue after your touch has dissipated?
I cannot breathe, I cannot eat without feeling sick.
People like you are what make me cryptic.

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Tags : pain, violated, betrayed, hurt
Key Words : No, violated, cannot breathe, feel, hurt, wrong

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