She. Is barely conscious,
but still able to say no.
He. Is fully aware,
but is still able to ignore the fact that she said no.
She now lays awake,
Just as she layed that night.
She is afraid of sleeping,
She is afraid of breathing,
She is afraid to leave the house.
She lives each day in remorse of that night.
Afraid to love.
Afraid to speak.
Can't look at herself in the mirror because all she sees is
him. And his arms wrapping tightly around her waist.
And his dry, sinful hands pulling down her pants.
She beats herself up at night wondering why,
Why she didn't scream.
She blames herself.
She blames the alcohol.
She blames the anti depressants
who haven't been doing their job lately.
She blames everyone and everything but him.
He is the reason she can't sleep.
He is the reason she hasn't eaten in two days.
He is the single thought that runs through her head.
Screaming on the inside, she can only mutter the word no.

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