No body, nobody

Somehow in the middle of
my escaping reality
or getting in touch with it,
i was stabbed in the gut
with a long jutting pierce
that buckled my knees
draining my head of my tears.

then a sharp chill
sent electricity through my spine
instinctively i closed my eyes.
my mind refused it!
involuntarily rejected it!
my ears heard it...
but couldn’t listen to
bleeding pleas of helpless parents
in a losing nightmare
to save their stolen child.

only to find
their nightmare of time
of death, was even worse!

a rolling burlap bag was found
floating down a graven canal
filled with dark rank water
with only the head of a boy.

No body to be found...
Nobody to be found...
Nobody to be found!

Reality couldn’t deny it,
nor was it able to help it.
still, there’s no body to be found
nobody, simply no body.

so i cry for now
devastated at the repulsive act,
and more so at the fact
it’s been so easily vacated
by many.

no body’s been found
still, nobody’s found him!

eventually a man confessed
had no remorse, had no friends
thrown in a barred dingy box for 15 years
he died in there, no more tears

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    This Poems Story

    A true story. Many years back. The little boy\'s name was Adam Walsh. Because of the incident his father then became the host of the TV show \"America\'s Most Wanted,\" which i believe still runs today.