No Escape

I feel like I'm drowning.
Drowning in emotion.
Drowning in fear.
Drowning in anxiety.
And drowning in depression.
There is no escape.

It keeps pulling you under.
Further and further.
And when you do finally breath,
it's only for a short breath.
Short and quick.
Then you are yet again pulled under.
Under into the depths of the ocean of emotion.
The deep, black, suffocating depths.
There is no escape.

You fight it.
Trying to resist the pull.
Arms flailing trying to reach for the surface.
You fight and fight until eventually you just give up.
Not wanting to try anymore.
You are just done trying to get to the surface.
You just let it pull you.
Deeper and deeper.
Until you don't need that breath anymore.

You can't escape it.
You never will escape it.
There is no escape.

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