No Good Reason Why

She had a guitar in her hand
and a song in her heart
she finally made it to the beach to make a brand new start
he just moved in
to the apartment next door
he had a sad sad story how he's gettin divorced
He asked her to take a little walk with him
and the sun sunk into the night
but when they got back he never let her go
he never let her outta his sight
He asked her to stay another minute with him
but he expected so much more
she said no he said yes
before she made it to the door
she looked around the room
the dungeon of her doom
she tried to run away so many times
but she could not escape this tomb
her song lost its reason and rhyme
One million beatings
One million tears
One more day alive
one more time she'll face her fears
she'll do what she has to do
not even afraid to die
He had stolen so much from her
with no good reason why

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