No Heart For Them

I do not want to protect any of them the girls and women. Yes not even from myself. They are not really worth from those who lust for their female private part or male part. These men and women who heart?

They are which is of pure dark not light so very bright I couldn't care about the after effect of the stab of her. A knife with the deal of death killed twice of the flesh and sight.
This is not right. I don't know why I dislike them continue in their mess the Christians I detest.

Always longing for sex I wish they die man and woman or your wife. Their penis erect slices come to the ball off your husband. While they would seek an innocent allegedly young girls breast and possibly a young boy's chest. Whoever rapes it is wrong and molests it is wrong?

These catholic Christians should be put to death over an open acid flame. At the best with pain, is it wrong they shame in secret? Nope not to them that strains them shame brings right?

In the fire for eternity sike the public opinion does. I detest them men and women who are that way including the Christians. They will meet their fate that wake and bake I should.
I know revenge is not the answer wait did I say I don't care yay. Yet there is not one person I do for. For some of these humans who prey on children I do not respect.

Who are these destroying women youth and men let's not forget. I forever through possession now move with this over so destroy them I blew.
Take away these humans new. I death to seek grew decision demented pours scolding hot.

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This Poems Story

This about the disdain of the Christian church and the catholic. The hypocriticalness that goes on behind closed doors when no one is watching.