No Hope

Have you ever looked in the mirror only to hate what you see,
Another nameless face, another soul that bleeds?

Have you ever fought so hard to prove everyone wrong,
Only to feel like you've failed with every step, with every breath?
Have you ever pictured your life as the words to a song
Only to realize that you have no words left?

Have you ever just wanted to burn the page and rewrite your life
Only to find that you're too weak to try?

Have you ever tried to bring happiness to everyone else
Only to realize that you're not good enough?
Have you ever sat there and lied to yourself
Because the truth is your afraid to love?

Is this how you feel every waking moment?
Like yout life isn't yours, like you've never owned it?

And as the time goes on, the days pass by
Do you lose a little more of the hope you've held for so long?
And as your strength fades, do you no longer try
Because you're too scared to carry on?

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