No Hope

What is life without hope?
Hope drives ambition, it is the reason we keep striving after
What is life without hope? Well I know.
It is nothing, it is blank.
I've given up.
Time after time I've fought through struggle, battled defeat,
but now, I'm facing a foe that has no weakness.
I know that I can never win, I have lost all hope.
I am in blank space. Everything is empty, everything is futile.
I've accepted the fact the happy, I will never be.
I take the punches that come at me, then I walk away.
Cause what does it really matter? Life is not a journey,
life is a cloud, ever looming over our heads.
Some choose to run from it, some choose to hide,
I choose simply to stand amidst the downfall of rain.
And though I know it is cold and lonely, I don't feel a thing.
I have nothing left to give,
not a smile, not a word, not a single emotion or thought.
I am done, done with everything.
So instead of living, and instead of dying,
I live in the middle ground.
I watch the world, I do what I'm told, but my mind is bare.
I am nothing, it is dark, and I have none left- no hope.

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