No Imagination Equals No World

I've come across the blue lake it caught me by surprise
Never in my life have I seen anything more beautiful
I tossed a flat faced pebble into the crisp water
And watched it skip over the non permeable surface
As it left a rippling affect across the water way
I closed my eyes and took in all the beauty
That nature has encased as part of its own founding
I wonder to myself, why is something so beautiful,
Left here on this planet?
Not everything that is put here stays here, that goes
For everyone and everything
but that question will be forever unanswered b
for the simple fact that there was never
a blue lake but a figment of imagination
having a healthy mind requires a childish
let your wishes and childhood dreams free
they will only take you far
without imagination, the whole world would be black and white
or even worse there wouldn't be a world

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