No Interest

No interest
Being pretty isn’t anything
That truly makes a girl better
It’s getting past the features
If your lucky enough to get her
But will I want to afterwards
Didn’t ask myself what’s next
The goal was to attain her
But I didn’t think about the rest
Commitment is the real test
But is she really even worthy?
Should she get my very best?
Forcing my heart on her could hurt me
I want it to happen naturally
It will be safer if I fall
More comfortable with my feelings
When I can walk instead of crawl
Not myself if I’m not sweet
I should always be on my feet
If I’m not I can’t go anywhere
Or find anyone new to meet
So many women I’ll never see
But someone is out there for me
Shouldn’t be that hard to find her
There’s so many fish in the sea
Lately I been drawn to different things
Outside of my own ethnicity
It could be running in my blood stream
I might take a look at ancestry
Everytime I get with a sister
The problem is always the same
She’s no different than the last one
Outside of their given names
They’re nothing like their mother’s
You can barely trust their brothers
Their fathers got around a lot
related to some of the others
A skill of theirs to be stubborn
Telling them that they are wrong
Is the quickest way to get nowhere
Why would you wanna wait so long?
The complaints will come in strong
You’re wrong so you gotta fix it
So do you keep quiet or make a promise
Though you can’t fulfill it....
Though you can’t fulfill it.

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