No Laments

A destroyed world, a nonsense idea.
Things that I no longer know. no laments.

The father who no longer exists. blessed, blissful, welcomed.
The mother faded into oblivion. nothingness.
Things that change, that's it. no laments.

My crying heart. no laments.
My mind is racing. in hurry. alive. no laments.
Everything changes, everything goes by. no laments.

Children without parents.
Parents without parents.
Souls fluctuating in the blank space.
Eternal and masters of themselves.

An embittered deep sigh. down on the ground.
Poor little angel, let him sleep, just. justified by God.
He didn't turn seven yet, he can't be sinful. paralysis.

Courtesy of selfish parents.
Paranoid, psychotic, rotten paraphernalia, but for who?
For those who pay the debt of lunatics and their ruined ancestors.

She still waits. she is tired of looking for the others.
She is tired of dying each day.
She, a fairy, deceptive, compulsory.
Oh! It's done!

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Adriana Kaye is an educator who graduated with honors in Spanish language and literature. She is passionate about English and Latin American literature, writing, photography and travelling with her husband. Her inspiration to write comes from her life experiences and her culturally diverse background. Besides poetry, Adriana Kaye is the author of numerous academic articles on education and literary analysis.