No light in sight

In the deep recesses of my soul,
A void lies dormant and cold.
A feeling of emptiness that gnaws at my core,
Leaving me feeling lost and sore.

No matter how much I try to fill,
This hollow space, it lingers still.
Like a bottomless pit, it devours my joy,
Leaving me feeling like a mere decoy.

I search for meaning, for purpose, for light,
But all I find is darkness within my sight.
The emptiness echoes in the chambers of my heart,
Tearing me apart, tearing me apart.

I try to mask it with smiles and laughter,
But deep down, I know it's a disaster.
For how can one be truly happy,
When inside, they feel so empty?

I long for peace, for serenity, for calm,
But the emptiness is like a ticking bomb.
Ready to explode at any moment,
Leaving me shattered and broken.

I plead with the universe to fill me up,
To ease this pain, to lift me up.
But the emptiness remains, a constant reminder,
That I am but a mere bystander.

So I sit in silence, with my empty soul,
Hoping one day, I'll once again feel whole.
But until then, I'll carry this burden within,
A constant reminder of the darkness that has always been.

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Key Words : Emptiness, broken, silence, darkness, hollow

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