No Longer

I should've hugged you more held you tighter enjoyed the time we had
I shouldve listened more, talk to you longer, cause now i hurt so bad
It seems like only yesterday i saw you
if i would of known i wouldn't have left your side
Its missing you that tears me apart
you'll forever be that missing piece in my heart
I can no longer stand in the dark,
my wounds have healed and know there's just a mark
an i can no longer trace the lines of the of the tears that fell
from all of them I have my own wishing well
Im back on my feet and im not sure how.
oh and i hold my head so much higher now
though i prefer to have you around
its taught me enough to never loose my ground
that with our family tree im root bound
if i could see you only in my dreams,
i should burst with joy at that seams
im so afraid one day i loose the sight of you
if i forget your voice i don't know what i do
I can hope your laughing joking smiling right away
that you find peace with sun rise each day an
I can hope your heart is as big up in the sky
as was here before life passed you by

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