No Longer

She feels agony at the woes of the world
She feels despair at the anger taking over
She cries for the lives lost by hate and war
She cries for the love destroyed by death

She can no longer feel nor see hope
She can longer feel nor see love
She can no longer feel nor see faith
She can no longer feel nor see joy

She sees destruction everywhere she looks
She sees desolation around every bend
Each day brings her more sadness
Each night brings her more fear

She longs for the defeat of evil
She hungers for the return of love
Every moment deepens sorrow
Every second increases worry

She sees darkness she’s never known
She sees people she’ll never know
She sees suffering she’ll never forget
She sees death she can’t reverse

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This Poems Story

The inspiration behind this poem actually came when I was going through a difficult time. I had a lot of things that were said about me and to me that were hurtful and it gave me a sense of negativity. It was like looking at the world solely through a lens of negativity. And I wrote from my perspective of someone who can only see the bad things but can remember the good. So sort of a shattered worldview. I think that the ability to look at the world with both lenses is so important just as being able to look at the world through separate lenses is. Sometimes it takes looking at the negative to be appreciative of all the positive things that you have. So therein lies the inspiration behind this poem.