No Longer Friends

You can't tell me I'll get over you
And expect me to believe it's true
Because while you're away in your fairytale land
I'm cold and confused just wanting to understand
When you chose to walk away you burned a bridge and broke a heart
But that just shows that we're destined to stay apart
You showed me passion I've never felt before
And we may have history but there is nothing more
Because you used me and then threw me away
And now I know there is nothing left to say
You got the stage and stole the show
But your lights are dim and are about to blow
Your fifteen minutes of fame are coming to an end
And when you look around you won't have me as a friend

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This Poems Story

I am a college undergrad. I plan on going to law school after graduation and hopefully, one day, I plan to have a seat in the US Senate. I have always had a strong love for poetry. When I wrote this poem I was going through a particularly difficult situation. I needed a way to convey my emotions without talking to the person who inspired them. Since poetry isn't something new to me the words flowed freely. Before I knew it, I had a beautiful poem in front of me, that said everything my heart couldn't say.