No Longer Safe

The scars that cut me deep like a knife
Are the scars that burn me all through life.
The life you long for doesn't exist,
But the pain you feel is what you can't resist.
You push. I pull, just to get some kicks.
You run. I hide to find a place that fits.
You yell. I cry because I'm scared to lie.
I try and try, but can't pass by the way I feel deep down inside.
So now I'm stuck with no place to hide.
No friends to run to, I'm tied down inside.
So you can't help me. My fate is signed.
A fate I must face on my own sometimes.

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This Poems Story

The reason I chose the name for this poem was because of how it relates to my past. Though my past was dark and gloomy, I was able to open my way through it and make a better life for myself. My poem is about letting in my future and letting go of my past. It may seem hard at times, but I believe that I will one day be able to see just how great I really am. I want to be happy.