No Love

How does it feel not to be loved?
Nobody has your back, so you lone for a hug,
Dreaming of that day when you will feel a special touch,
It's like searching for the warmth that you been missing so much,

Feel like a bad dream that you have yet to wake up from,
You're giving out your all but getting back from no one,
Will not give up faith, afraid of what you might be come?
But you're living without love so whats the worst that could be done?

You hide in the shadows cause your tired of being mistreated,
You've been put down, talked about, feels like you've been deleted,
Will not stand up for yourself thinking you will be defeated,
So you stand all alone, by yourself, uncompleted,

I too feel your pain like everybody's out to harm me,
It's me against the world and i'm standing with no army,
Feels like i'm sleeping outside and the nights are very stormy,
But i must still put up a fight, until I find my glory.

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