No Love

There is no love in the frame of havoc
Torn and dismantled, shattered
Yes, broken homes
Left out in the wilderness
Yes, all alone
There is no love in poverty
Our new generation a democracy!
Bloodshed in the streets
All from the hands of poverty
No future to grasp, no future to see,
No role models to attain an image to be!
There is no love amongst the thieves
No freedom to live
No freedom to be
They take our lives and our children's to be
No room for them to grow, nor a safe place to sleep
There is no freedom amongst the thieves!
There is no love in the lands
There's different cities at combat
Yes, bad lands!
Legalizing marijuana hoping to make better plans
Sending out love to our troops!
Fighting for our lives day to day in tribute
'Cause there is no love for the next brother, or mother
No acknowledgement for the idols out here with day to day struggles
That's fighting for one another!
There is no love out here for people like me
With pure talent and adversity that's not yet been seen
With wisdom or beauty that's way beyond what we know life to be
With no expectations of becoming more than what we're destined to be
Because once again there is no love in poverty!

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This Poems Story

Writing is my life (my passion). It has always been a part of me as my way of expression whether via poem, story, or short drop. I'm what you would call an inspiring writer or poet with limitless talent as well as material. I started taking writing seriously in 2005 when I was introduced to the Inside Out writer's program and I have been looking to prosper in this light ever since. The majority of my work is straight from the heart or brain because with me that's all it takes, just a simple subject or emotion and my pen gets to going . . . "Oh how writing is my first true love!"