No Luck!

One marriage, two marriage, three marriage,four
Each one was worse than the one before!
Five marriage,six marriage, seven was great
But he died, help me Lord
Then I made three more mistakes!
The first one was a drunk he left me for a whore
The second was a thief and took everything but the floor!
The third one was a pedophile, porn addict and a bore
The fourth one treated me like dirt and loved his money more
The fifth one was a magician and soon he disappeared
Number six played tricks and hit with sticks I lived in constant fear
Seven truly seemed like heaven but he got hit by a truck
Eight was great but always late and gambled away his luck
Nine was fine for a time but cheated with a friend of mine!
Before I hit ten I said 'never again'
But then a holy-man took me by surprise
I loved him so but had to let him go
Because he was the devil himself in disguise!
Please tell me oh Lord do you have a special place
For all these mortal liars?
Who broke my heart right from the start
And made me cry for endless hours!
If you forgive them please let me know
Will be in Heaven too?
If this is so I'd rather not go
Because hell will be lonely if I do!

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