“No Meaning”

“No Meaning”
Everyday I wake up into the new day uncertain of what lies ahead
Day after day, they spread the news that a man is dead
But on this day someone dear to my heart has passed
One who had the ability to answer all I asked
Who no matter how much I cry
Or how hard to spread the word, I try
No one seems to show any grief
For the loss of MY chief
But on this day when I heard the news,
I knew that all we had, I would lose
The bond we had built over the years
You being the only one who would open my ears
I would talk to you for days without talking
And listen to you for months without listening
It didn’t make sense at first
But I came to understand this curse
Being that we never met each other
But yet I adored you as if my brother
I knew you but of I you did not know
But through you was the only way I could grow
Because you were my idol
The loss of you makes me feel suicidal
I cannot comprehend this loss of yours
Never in a million years did I think you would walk through the death doors
For you were a millionaire, healthy and font
You were anything anyone would ever want
So your loss makes me question the point of living
It shows that the American Dream is unforgiving
A reality seeked for by all
But when finally reached, can be taken away quicker than the bounce of a ball
So what is the point
For all life does is disappoint
You were all I ever wanted to be
But even you couldn’t withstand the death plea
I love you my friend, that will never decrease
But until we meet again, Brother, Rest In Peace

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