No More

In all my years, I've never felt this pain,
Down and depressed, dragged through the rain,
In the slumps, drowning in the swamps,
24/7, trapped in despair's stomp.

I never planned for it to end this way,
Left speechless, with nothing left to say,
I gave my all, poured out my love,
Did anything you asked, just to rise above.

You made me happy, made me feel alive,
Feelings so profound, they helped me thrive,
But as time went by, you broke me down,
Everything you did, made me wear a frown.

Love turned to hurt and a twisted hate,
You played your games, sealed my fate,
You hurt me to get what you wanted,
Leaving me shattered, haunted and haunted.

I held on tightly to our love, so dear,
My best friend, someone so near,
I never wanted to imagine losing you,
Yet here I am, lost, feeling so blue.

I don't know what I did wrong, my dear,
Why you cheated and caused me such fear,
Why am I not good enough for you?
Why did you twist your lies, my heart fell off the sky?

You were supposed to be my ride or die,
Stick with me till the end, to the sky,
But all you did was lie, cheat, and abuse,
Leaving me feeling lost, with no excuse.

I loved you then, and love you still,
Lost in emotions I struggle to fulfill,
I don't know why I held on so long,
When I didn't deserve the pain you brought along.

You messed with my head, played with my soul,
Used your hands to hurt, to take control,
I didn't deserve the way you treated me,
Now I'm lost, sad, and unsure how to be.

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    Losing my best friend due to drug addiction