No More

Hello my friend are you there
I see you hiding there's nothing to fear
There you go pop a seat
Relax your feet and let me take you to my world to see what I see
I see madness all around
Darkness rising up from the ground
People are talking but I hear no sound
Evil is upon us
We're to stupid to see the games
In this dark world it's ruled by power money and fame
No that's just really lame
Where's the peace
Why are there crooked police
Why do people lie and decive
This is not what life's about
I just wanna tell everyone with a great big shout
We're living in hell
And we're never getting out
Day by day we get weaker
While they get stronger
But I will stand up and put a stop to this evil axis power
No more being blinded by the truth
I'll cut my chains and be set loose
And I won't stop until this dark world is no more
Once I see that open door
I'm gonna put my foot down on the petal and floor
No more being poor
While they grow rich I'm down being there little bitch

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