No More Pain

Stop, take a deep breath; everything will be okay
Take a step, pain stabs you: a cut from the words of your enemy
Another step, more pain: two cuts, this one deeper
Keep going, blood running, monstrous faces, demons
Stop, screams filling the air; no, they fill your head
Take a step, you see the blades: fifty of them, hurtling towards you
Stop, throw your arms up, cuts create artwork upon your skin
Take a step, deep breath; artwork is painful
Stop, a weight has dropped on you; the edges cut into your shoulders
Take a step, your legs shake; you scream at the voices
Take a step, struggle to breathe; your lungs are drowning in tears
Take a step, unbearable pain; change your course, up the stairs
Stop, try to breathe; more wounds, more blood, keep climbing
Take a step, hundreds of pounds, their words weigh a ton
Take a step, reaching the top, hands shake, you open the door
Stop, can you do this? Tears blind you
Take a step, it can all be over; enemies surround you
Take a step, lead fills your shoes; screaming, you push through
Take a step, years go by as you fight through; wind whips around you
Stop, the edge of the roof: you made it, you can finally end it
Stop, you listen to the voices; they poison your mind
Take a step, you're weightless; the burden falls away
Falling, you smile; wind drowns out the voices
Falling, Death cradles you in his arms
Dead, your broken body lies on the ground
Stop, no more pain

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