No Nonsense

There’s so many times where I could of lost motivation.
But in my mind success was an obligation
I was moving every year switching schools.
I had to stay in school even if I was confused
I lacked a lot of information from all the moves
Going through a lot of things I didn’t know what to do
But I kept going cause what else was there to do?
I lost a lot of feelings , education ,I wasn’t gonna loose
I kept trying harder even with all these distractions
You can say you can do it , but you do it with actions.
Now I know there’s going to be a lot of upcoming challenges
But let me tell that the fact is this
There’s always going to obstacles popping up
I’m used to expecting the unexpected so show me what up.
Because I adapt quickly so I’m ready for what’s next
Yeah I’m talking to you life it’s about time you confessed
Because every time you threw a situation in bmy face I did my best.
You should of known your girl Alex doesn’t settle for less.
Hit me with the negativity I put it to rest
That’s negative non sense doenst make no sense
And for the people that say no I’m always gonna say yes
Cause life already put me through test after test, and after everything I still feel blessed
So go ahead give me another one, be my guest.
You say you can talk about me cause you could
Well don’t ask me about my life cause I’m doing good
You don’t know how many times where I felt mostly defeated
But I kept going and you Better believe it
Ima keep going and that’s always gonna be a fact
While I bounce back, you’re the one who falls back.
Because I had to do better for myself
I was is situations where I hated asking for help
But you take what you get and I’ve been given hell.
I hated the fact that nothing was meant to be
And I had to grow up fast and pack my bags n leave
I be looking up and be like damn when and I gonna get a chance to breathe
I’d be praying to god like please try to do something to put this stress to ease
Because it was hard at a young age to try to think and believe
That my perfect family was just a fantasy
i envied the kids that had a nice family
Some of my blood act like my enemies
All I got was a mom who is drugged up and dad who went to jail.
You got one parent ,good, both parents my failed
It sucks cause my mom didn’t changed she overdosed on heroin and in my mind still drinks the same
Dad got deported and can’t come back
Can’t really do anything about that but feel bad
So now I gotta work hard so I can become better
Don’t talk about we because I am together
And I’m going to do what I have to do by all means
I’m going to keep going until I accomplish my dreams
Like a shark I keep moving forward
Every time I wake up I’m just getting closer
So when I say I work hard, I work hard and don’t play
I don’t care what you say , and that shade you can throw away
Because even after all the obstacles I went through I can’t complain
Even if it was a enough to drive you insane
Because at the end of the day
I wouldn’t be the person that I am today
And I slay.

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