No One

The life drains as the tide ebbs
washing away my blood
kite surfing will be how my light
goes out, I smile looking at the
heart of my City in farewell
the lights abruptly burst
the Lighthouse must be fixed
and Cursed was definitely saved.

Lying on the sick bed of recovery
I have no one to call I think as
I had no one to call upon discovery
With my last breathe, I whisper
“Father, please end my suffering”
passing out, an echo is felt, “Find me within”

The first attacks upon my soul
when little was like burning coals
from within, convulsing and
screaming in pain only
to be lain with a Bible close
as the home I lived in
practiced a different religion
the trauma abated as I
held onto my newfound Grace
with that I remember Him saying,
“My temple is resurrected within you,
you are important”
And recover I did thereafter.

My dance with death ended, living
in bliss only a friend to visit
who succumbed to the bottle
at the Shebeen she was held up
removing the vile drink
we talk of her dark secrets.

A heist to rob the Shebeen
brew, unknown to the ill-fated,
to rob the place and kill all witnesses
three gunmen approach when
the entire crowd stands up and
surrounds me, including my friend,
“Who is she you protect?” the angered gunmen
demand, discharging their weapons in the air

“I am No One”, I declared, standing up,
“but what I have within me is
a Power not to be messed with!”
dropping their guns and to
their knees they fall as
we all shakily cheer:
Blessed be their arrest.

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This Poems Story

Living in the wild lawless South African city...chances of a robbery, killing, gun shots - highly probable. Shebeen- South African informal bar