No One Is Perfect Unless You Have Tried Nothing

No one is perfect unless you have tried nothing
For perfection comes from the effort we're exerting
To sail through the challenges and rise above
To test our limits and embrace the push and shove

No one is flawless without a single mistake
For in the flaws and failures, our growth does partake
We stumble and falter, but rise every time
Learning from our missteps, like a rhythmic rhyme

No one is faultless, without a single flaw
For our imperfections weave the fabric we draw
A tapestry of triumphs and struggles anew
Each thread a testament to the journey we pursue

No one is faultless, but we can strive to be better
Embracing the stumbles and failures as a teacher
For in the pursuit of perfection, we find our grace
And in our imperfections, we find our true place.

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