No One Knows

No one knew that I was the new girl.

No one knew the difficulties I had experienced.

No one knew my deepest desires, my dreams, my hopes, or my heart.

No one had known that this shy girl would come out and tell the world her story. 

No one knew who I truly was until I met you. 

No one knew you gave me hope. 

No one knew you helped pull me out of that dark pit of despair that everyone falls into at some point in their life. 

No one knew that once we drifted ways I would fall into that same pit. 

No one knew the girl that seemed so happy all the time, was really struggling with her loneliness. 

No one knows that she still struggles with this loneliness and it gnaws at her every day. 

No one knows the struggles of other people, so why do we pretend they don’t exist?

No one knows that those struggles make us who we are. 

No one knows, that’s why we have to make a stand, to show who we are even when we believe that we will be shunned by our friends. 

No one knows.

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This Poems Story

This poem I wrote in response to my experiences while moving and how no one knows what is going on in your life.