No one Knows

Everyone Got Their Own Opinions and Bullshit Rumors They Wanna Spread
Like They Know Who I Am, Back Before I Came To This Place of Dread
You Weren't There When Everynight Was a fight For My Life
The Bullets Flying Past The Window Right In Front of My Eyes
Cause I Was Only a Child, Watching My Friends and Family Have their Bodies
I remember one night when shit got a little bit rough
When one of my homies was calling a fuck boy on a bluff
Pistols got to popping and tires got set to sparking
Long story short by the end of the night, there were body bags laid out
Bullet Shells and a whole bag of loud
Man Keep Up With All Your Talk, Get Your Neck Snapped Before You Can Walk
Right Out The Prison or into the cemetery
Like a Trampoline, When you start falling, im the one whos catching bodies

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