No One Notices

She just wants to feel loved and appreciated;
She wants the whole world to understand her feelings,
She is desperate for someone to hold her by the hand and say:
“Why do you look so unhappy, my dear?”

She’s as calm as the waters, and as gentle as the doves,
She is just a hawk-eyed girl looking for some love,
She feels so lonely and forlorn; she just wants to be happy,
But the world is in ignorance; no one notices.

She is struggling to get along with people,
Her fears are getting the best of her,
She wants people to see her pain,
But she is such a quiet creature.

Is silence really golden?

She feels as if there is nothing to cheer her up,
She looks around to see if there is anyone in sight,
But no one stops for her; she feels so unloved;
So she stands beneath the beaming sun and cries.

She buries her face in her arms, but no one notices,
She plants a fake smile on her face, but no one notices.
The world fails to see her struggles and her emotions,
She struggles to death, but still, no one notices.

She is looking for some love and happiness,
This is all that matters to her.
Still, no one notices.

She wanders lonely as a cloud in the sky,
And cries a puddle of rain. Dull rain.
She is in solitude; she cries a broken heart.
She tears up, hoping someone wouldn’t mind
Being her sunshine of her day.

Yet still, no one notices.

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