No One Will Call 9-1-1

I hear it
The pain so loud it could break glass
But nothing is said
Nothing is said verbally

Everything is said through words
Sent by an mail carrier that the eye
Cannot see
Through the universe
From her phone
To mine

I cannot bear it
The tears felt
Upon my shoulder that are felt only
In my mind
But I know they are there
I can feel them
As I read the few words
Written not in ink, but something
Much more advanced

I cannot stand to witness such a crime
Though no number was dialed for help
And no sirens heard
Something was stolen here
As the tape is wrapped around the scene
As the lights dim to nothing

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This Poems Story

I started writing poetry in the fourth grade at school, but did not tell my mother because I didn't want the attention. Now I realize getting attention is a good thing. I graduated from high school in May 2013.