No Other Shall Lay In A Trench And Die

The silent night is filled with thunder,
As a Bomb EXPLODES, then drops another!
My Fellow Man cries,
On the Battlefield He lies,
Explosions around me,
Why am I here?
My Family in my mind brings me to tears.
Is this the End? Am I to Die?
I look towards the lit up sky.
Here I am in my trench,
Not knowing how I came to be
Face to face with Death,
Who is the REAL Enemy.
Man killing Man, It's just not right
Why must we die for others to fight?
We might win an Honour, and a gold shield
But is it worth laying forever in Flanders Fields?
The day will soon dawn,
When our guns will finally be withdrawn
And the birds will sing 'Peace Is Alive'.
On the 11th day of the 11th hour, Peace HAS arrived!
Peace echos through the land and sky,
No Other shall Lay In A Trench And Die.

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