No Place To Hide

There will come days that some will get too relaxed in the crimes that they commit,
not any should seek spiritual pay for in wrong there is no profit.
We are failing to look around us to see all the peoples in need,
many treat this world like a garden and step on the poor as if they are weeds.
There's life in the poor and poverty so let's show the Lord's people some respect,
To know the Lord is the connector not many would want life's disconnect.
We must find Our way back to Almighty Jah so that We may Be restored,
abandon lies from the hearts and satan,for all ways Jah will search and explore.
Our ways and faith We must search out just so We don't get sidetracked,
it's no matter the good peoples see in you,You need the Lord in order to get back.
to heed lies only distance's from the reality thereby creating only a haze,
When We accept the light of truth it is then the Lord can amaze.
Yes, We have a long way to go But first there must Be a start,
when the most high Jah is invited in only then will satan choose freely to depart.
Many peoples will speak what's beyond them mostly for lil'll man to praise,
Just remember a day is blossoming whereby man can't save himself or likewise raise.
All who have strayed must seek the way back in the midst of chaos and confusion,
The faithful steadfast in their beliefs know that Jah is not an illusion.
Wrongdoers shouldn't boast of badness with their hearts full of hate and pride,
Believe We,When Jah comes with His beaming eyes None will find No Place to Hide! Amen

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