No question – answer answered – no calculator to calculate the equation of the illusive persuasion of the tube station in the morning yawning thinking blinking as life blasts past fast look back at the trance and your chance to bare your soul – am i holier than thou or art thou holier than me – church pew hand on heart no urge to purge just yet – cos im unleashing the killer bee sting – prince and king two lions from zion residing on this rollercoaster tequila coaster – jesus bread toast – apocolyptic post neo – not worthy sinners thinking they winners but some show potential – caldruns of salem spells too old to tell cos we all under the spell bound sound feet not touch ground – no connect, Thor superman heman we all are but belief be grief to achieve tranceive the signal wavelengths ahead just a particular partical split making its own predetermined route though understand it they dont but do 10 years of so they will bare the clue

Super not like prit
hamilton forumla
1 + infinity the symmetry
be complex but this context
be decoded deciphered
einstein rhymes newton
cant compute them notions
of simulation theory no one see clearly
but be easy for us to see golden eye with the golder
gun - 007 son
re-run the re-run rewind the time - power fingertips
try sarah the tops of the buds blunt kids park telly
mac miller illest and realist - are we all but vent-
tri-liquists given a little shake and a twist as the
decisions are taken forsaken elations
of foul predictions - war, films like saw
3rd world - make me urlll, might a well
gel - whole tub curtains no movement
gladiator - stronger together, ants life one spokesman
took down the clan the regiment parched armies march
trench's they lay some times all day - delay the stay
get paid, heads gone drained with the sustained
stains on the dna code memory stick delete delete
no putty rubber for that some get by clubber lang
mentality but truth be told the clarity of the polarity
of this disguised guide of a pyramid to summarise all

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