No Reflection

Talking to my reflection in the mirror
As I start fading it's getting clearer
No longer sure which of us is the real me
Can't quite figure out just what it is I see
Which of us is the reflection?
Or is the image an imperfect correction?
Images flicker in and out
Copy opens mouth to shout
No sound can escape
Just a fuzzy shape
I am trapped behind glass and metal
The entirety as fragile as a flower petal
How will I ever be free?
When I'm not even sure just what it is I see?
How can I be sure which of us is me?
Why can't these questions just let me be?
I'm screaming at my reflection to let me go
Staring back at me she's whispering, "No"
Standing where once I stood I see myself turn away
Forced to copy I do the same, will do the same forever now and a day
Talking to an empty space
Hoping I'm not just a reflected face
Talking to my reflection outside the mirror
I started fading and she got clearer
Never been certain which one of us is me
But I'm finally certain of which one of us is free

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