No Rewind

I can call you everyday and send you texts along the way,
but I can’t go back to yesterday.
I can be your friend forever, you can forgive me for my sin, but I cant take back a single chose that left us here again.
I can be the best grandma I can be love them more than I love me, but I cant go back and be the mother you needed me to be.
I can love you through most fights ahead but what should of could of would have been is dead.
I can try to show you what I should have been try to act like I’m young again pretend I chose a better way but we are still stuck here in today.
I can talk until I’m blue, maybe find a way to manipulate you. Force you to see what I see but for you it’s just not true.
I can go away and get the help you swear I need but I don’t see, I’ll rely once again on what’ failed me, I’ll climb any tree, make any plea ill trade a year of insanity, if it could only bring you back to me

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