No Right

By Tia   

She is a silhouette with no face
A shadow with no personality
She played a mastermind in disguise
She remained different with no similarity
She acted as a juvenile
A player with no game pieces left
She was a super villain within the night
A outlier accused of theft
She stains as a painful image
A beast with no consideration
She's the star in a damaging scene
A deadly trigger set in rotation
She inhabits a force of power
A smuggler with devious hands
She blacks out what is bright
A darkness with destructive plans
She launches attacks without warning
A heartless snake within the grass
She spits lies that absorbs the truth
She's a vital organ within the outcast
She engages in dangerous activities
A spy moving within the creases
She creates grime with her dirty mind
While breaking hearts into pieces
She will never yield to any promises
She's a menace within a community
She only knows how to crush dreams
As she puts positivity in jeopardy
Her venom is poisonous to the skin
She creates misery in everyones wake
She bares a devious smile that tricks
A sneak that keeps raising the stakes
No one has a chance to think alone
No space to hide and take cover
She has no right to be called good
No right to be called a mother

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A poem describing a mystery women with a twist at the end