No Shortcut!

In this time and day Man is in such a rush,
it would Be next to impossible to catch a flame burning from a bush.
Not ever really seeing One's Life going down the drain,
from all the dipping and dabbing and also living in vain.
Jah sent the Angels with the truth for All to receive,
But,Mankind chose satan and the world and lost His way to perceive.
We are either for the truth or for the truth We're not,
Bewarned,the lie is like the fruit when it set's out it will rot.
Peoples in love with this world You must All Beware,
when One's Life is on the line You'll see the world didn't care.
Don't think in this world that truth tries to force to do right,
Left to Everyone to Be mindful for All must surely face the light.
to do the thangs that are right is the bettah off One will Be,
This won't be the world's courthouse can't scare or bribe the Almighty.
No,in this court One will pay with One's own Life,
We seh Woe to any who come full of hate and strife.
More bettah for One and All to have a true change of heart,
Which can only add to One getting a chance at a brand new start.
Listen up All peoples who are still stuck in the wrong ruts,
On the way to Jah's Heaven Believe We,there is No Shortcut! Amen

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