No Time for Doubt-complete

Our world is falling into confusion by following satan's lead,
can't understand We won't get no right whenever it's the wrong We breed.
The Lord gave minds of understanding But,they're building largely to kill,
these are changing the earth into a wasteland Now educated minds can't help the ill.
All must pay close attention to notice the environment as it change,
For many thangs come with the truth of which this world will find very strange.
Everyone must realize with Jah there's not a thang any being can hide,
Not one soul should be ungrateful if Jah should choose it chide.
Seeing faultfinding with man next to unblemished truth can't compare,
You see,The Lord sends the direct truth,thus proving He always did care.
So many are led to think that their cheap talk will exceed their work,
Remember these simple words,time come for pay the face will not wear a smirk.
Full of pride and envy continues to grow till this very day,
still not much work for the Lord just lots of hot air in what many now say.
it shouldn't take the day of death for any all to know what it's all about,
Whenever loyal to Jah Believe We, We know well there's No Time For Doubt! Amen

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