No Time to Waste!

You can only count on yourself
Don't let opportunities pass you up or put them on a shelf
There's not many chances you get to make your life right
If you want something bad enough you have to give a good fight
Nothing is gonna be handed to you on a silver platter
Don't spend lots of time on idle chatter
'Cause moments pass the ones that could have been shared
By your closest family or the friends who cared
I have lived more than half of my life
Most of that time spent on stress and strife
That's why I am sharing these few words with you
Hoping you won't let those moments pass you
Be sure to tell the ones you love just how much they mean
And make reality out of your favorite dream
You only live once, there is no going back
Make up for the love that others lack
There is no time to waste in this life that we live
Try not to take and learn how to give
We are but people passing through
It's up to you what you're gonna do

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