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There are so many things that I wish I could say,
Unfortunately my mind doesn’t work with my mouth that way.
So many errors that each of us has committed,
And yet neither acknowledges, as if they’re permitted.
My heart feels heavy, cold and black.
Like stone from a mountain, it’s not fully intact.
My eyes don’t shed as many tears as before,
Now if I cry, it feels like a chore.
Crying is so simple, it brings much pity,
But I never wanted or looked for your sympathy.
I searched for love and caring and kindness.
I thought in you this I found, but it only fed my blindness.
The rage and despair I mistook for frustration and discouragement,
Emerged hurriedly with your simple nourishment.
I sustained the burden of the cruelty, and I took it with forbearance,
Never believing for a moment that you meant the abhorrence.
I walk away now with the knowledge you’ve given,
Never to return, but you are forgiven.

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