Lay with me

Blatant thoughts, heart pouring red so many things that can not be said. Fluttering butterflies in different shades of gold, making a small glimmer of light in a darkened soul.

I reach out to catch, just a single one, to help me find my way to a golden sun.
There is a ripping, yanking, searing pain that matches the rhythm of the oak tree swaying during a thunderous rain.

This down pour has the most intense colors I have ever seen, flowing the darkest burgundy from my heart, lingering emerald colored tears on my cheeks. And all I can think is dear God can we meet.

Walk with me in the fields of gold, lay with me under my tree of silver leaves. Hold me close when the darkness comes so I'll feel safe to greave.

Listen with me hear the symphony of the wind whistling the leaves of silver chiming, lifting me soothing me as I close my eyes.

Please don't move you might wake me and instead of seeing the beauty or hearing the angelic musical wind, I'll just see the locked doors as I come crashing down into a spiralling decent.

Beauty is what I yearn to see hear and feel. The essence of colors captured in the sounds, motions, the emotions cascading from my interbeing.

Light up my darkness with a rainbow of colourful dragonflies, let me smell the essence of a orchard of orchids.

Just for moment is all I ask then you can do as you may. I won't ask anymore of u just to thwart my decay.


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