No turning back letting go

Letting go of what could have been and thanking God for what's going to be.Yea right now it kinda hurts and yes it stings my heart and may sting it for a little while but best believe I'm gonna come outta this a bigger and better person.
I'm letting go of my insecurities and of my doubt in myself and I'm picking up self confidence in myself and picking up this sledge hammer to knock down this wall that I built around my heart and my emotions.

Picking up my pen and paper to start writing my feelings down more often instead of balling them back up and walking away from my problems and the things that go through my head on a daily basis.
It's time for me to let go of my past and walk away from what I've been trying to hold on to so now I'm sitting here looking at you Lord asking for your help to give me the strength to start letting all these weights of past hurt and insecurities and all these negative thoughts go for good so I can receive the many blessings and opened doors you have for me.

I'm finally sick of it and letting go and this time I will not turn back and go back to it or just turn back I'm finally letting go.

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