No Victims System

The sights are to destroy once more which in turn to earn out to learn it. The will is a deal with him none sane ever strange to think make with fame. The one who has fallen apart separated now segregated us.
From the above so called heaven it is called by followers of Christ. They fight into the hearts of men who barrows in the sand into sin their opinion. For ages the time wasn't good enough dumb butt such Christian. As sought brought darkness sergeants nodding with;

Into the world by woman ruined come baby Jesus of a virgin woman supposedly. To make us rebel in slots dream it the eight casino win.
In this life to rebel decision well seventh sin take it.
In the wind that with sin us down bound afterlife servitude to the red eyes. You will see after you die they those delusional Christians.

You are going to weep for forgiveness. Still I live my life without limits sinning in his presence don't' dry your eyes yet.
West the seven realizing that we should have left faith a long time ago.

I don't care for faith best heck a mess reading the bible with wickedness. But keep switching anyway deceptive from light back to dark. As I write through teeth apart they get sharp. To steal from the weak control only all blind followers of Jesus;

And break your identity social order contentment because most of us knew that we are flawed. Are we a product of sin again? That's going to feel hurt more of it when?

I don't know the slave of fire for eternity apprehends a Christian would say this is nowhere I don't even want to think to begin.
After not wouldn't want to be most certainly in the end.
That's deep beneath my feet with fiends.

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This Poems Story

This story is about the disregard of all religions especially Christianity.