No Visible Bruises

She pulls the sweater around her shoulders a little tighter, folds
her arms across her chest and glances at her feet as she walks by.
Just before she drops her eyes you can see the hint of a pain she
tries to hide deep within her soul. She's a beautiful girl, but
she feels trapped in a world she can't escape. He always apologizes.
He didn't mean what he said. She always took him at his word,
but her mind can't take anymore now. She's at the end of her sanity.
No one knows what she goes through. They can't see the scars.
He leaves no visible bruises just a searing hurt that leaves her
heart raw and sour.
Tell him to go to hell that's what she'd like to do.
What if she said good bye this time and meant it?
Would he let her go? He won't give up that easily though.
She shudders at the thought, pulls at her sweater and hugs her body
tighter glancing at her feet as she walks on.

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